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Updated: Jun 1, 2020

--A Remote Learning Art Lesson--

Today we are taking a virtual field trip to

The National Aquarium, in Baltimore, MD.








Let's watch the LIVE streams!

Blacktip Reef

Blacktip Reef

Click on the link to see this award-winning Blacktip Reef LIVE

Welcome to Blacktip Reef, where you'll find blacktip reef sharks darting at the water's surface while brilliantly colored fish weave throughout intricate corals and graceful rays skim the sandy floor in a recreation of a delicately balanced Indo-Pacific reef. How many residents of Blacktip Reef can you find on the coloring page?

Jellies Invasion

Jellies Invasion

From the graceful Pacific sea nettle to the short and stout blue blubber, Jellies Invasion highlights the stunning diversity of these brainless invertebrates, which are found in every ocean on Earth. If you love jellies you can find all the jelly-related terms in the jellies word search?

Pacific Coral Reef

Pacific Coral Reef

Coral reefs support an estimated 25% of all marine species, despite only occupying 1% of the ocean floor. Pacific Coral Reef—located in our North Atlantic to the Pacific exhibit—reflects the incredible diversity of life found in these unique habitats and features a variety of reef fishes, from spotfin butterflyfish to the yellow tang. Coral reefs are found all over the world, including off the coast of Florida. Can you find all the species that live in the Florida Reef in the coral-themed word search?

Besides noticing all of the aquatic life,

what kind of habitats did you see?

A habitat is the home, or environment, the aquatic life lives in.

Let's listen to A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea read-a-loud:

Let’s find inspiration from today’s virtual field trip to The National Aquarium…

Today you will create a work of art

including aquatic life and their habitat!

---What supplies will you use to create your work of art?---

You might choose to make a drawing. You will need a pencil or black pen and paper. You might choose to add color to your drawing. You could use crayons, magic markers, or oil pastels.

You might choose to make a collage. You could find pictures of fish in magazines (ask first) you could use construction paper. Draw or paint your fish and then cut them out. Glue the aquatic life into a painted background. You will need scissors, glue, and a variety of art supplies.

You might choose to build a diorama. You will need a shoe box or a paper plate, something to build inside of. You could use clay or playdoh to sculpt your fish and underwater plants. You will probably need scissors, glue, string, tape and a variety of art supplies.

You might choose to create a sculpture. The instructions on how to build these coral reef sculptures are here...

I can’t wait to see the underwater scene you create!


Student Aquatic Life Artwork

Grade 3 student was inspired to create her own live stream aquarium!

She built this diorama it features moveable aquatic life and a soundtrack!

Grade 2 student built this sculptural diorama.

Grade 2 student creates this series.

I have several students that like to color. Grade 1 student

Grade 1 student created this coral reef sculpture!

How to make a coral reef sculpture

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