Giuseppe Arcimboldo Portrait Challenge

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

--A Remote Learning Art Lesson-

Who is Giuseppe Arcimboldo?

Giuseppe Arcimboldowas born in Milan Italy, in 1527. He is most famous for his portraits of human heads made up of vegetables, fruit, flowers, and all sorts of other things.

What do you see?(Turn upside-down)

NOW what do you see?

Pretty cool huh?

Look at some of his other paintings. What do you notice? The entire faces are made of things like fruit, vegetables, flowers, kitchen items, and even sea creatures! Look closely at the faces. What do you see? Can you name ten different things Giuseppe used to make the faces?

The Animal Face Game - How Many Can You Find?

Today you will create art like Arcimboldo using materials of your choice!

Here are a few ideas…

You might decide to draw a portrait, only instead of drawing eyes, lips and a nose, you will be drawing vegetables and fruits or flowers as the features on the face! You may use pencil crayons, markers, pastels or paint to complete the portraits.

You might decide to create a collage. Look in the newspaper for food advertisements from the grocery store and cut out pictures of food. Look for ads from the hardware store and cut out pictures of tools or use pictures of cars to make a face out of. You will need newspapers, magazines, scissors, and glue.

You might decide to create a sculpture. You could make a plate portrait!First find yourself a good size dinner plate. Next start looking around your house for objects that would be great as facial features. Arrange the objects on the plate until a portrait/face is revealed!If you want to use food please ask your parents first!

You might decide to use laundry to create a sculpted face.Usea pile of laundry as your palette of colors. Experiment with folding, twisting, and organizing your clothes to create a face. Here are examples...

What materials are you going to use to create your Arcimboldo-inspired artwork?

I can’t wait to see the face you create!

You can print these pictures of vegetables, color them, and arrange them into an Arcimboldo style face.

A coloring page…If you like to color!

Student art Gallery

Grade 4 student was inspired to create a portrait out of legos that can be viewed in two different directions!

Portrait drawing by Grade 5 student

Portrait created with food grade 3

Food portrait Grade 5

Plate portrait grade 2

Sculpture, Grade 3

Food Portrait, Grade 1

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