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Hot Cocoa Art

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Keep Warm And Drink Cocoa! Today we will find inspiration from contemporary artist, Heather Galler. We will create a very colorful cup of hot cocoa that includes exciting patterns and many toppings! This art lesson will warm up your heart.

Last school year I taught virtually using the Seesaw and Microsoft Teams platforms. This is a Seesaw introduction to the art lesson. Here I am in my classroom virtually and today's art lesson is on the board. This was a popular remote learning art lesson. I taught this art lesson from Grade 2 to Grade 8 students of all ages enjoyed this Hot Cocoa Art Lesson. I'm sure your students will too! Please tag me at on Instagram...I would love to see what your students created!

Art Supplies Needed:

Mixed media paper

Construction paper

Oil pastels (crayons will work too)

Watercolor paint

Sharpie (black permanent marker)



The Hot Cocoa Art Lesson is available on video.

Get your art supplies ready and follow along. You can pause the video anytime and press play when you are ready to move on! Today we will create Hot Chocolate Art!

Hot Cups by Heather Galler


Hot Cocoa student artwork Grades 2-5 (and a few teacher examples)

Step by step...How to create Hot Cocoa Art


Student Hot Cocoa Art Gallery

Keep Warm And Drink Cocoa!

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