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Deluxe Food Truck Sculptures

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Today's challenge was to design a deluxe food truck sculpture that attracts attention...

These days there are so many food trucks...HOW will you get people to notice your food truck?

You need, A Catch The Eye Design... to capture the eyes of those walking by! You can add giant signs, awnings, even flashing lights to your sculpture!

Highly visible signage... becomes your visual commercial for attracting customers.

The signs on your truck and standalone signs on the ground will continue to spread your branding, spotlight the food, and announce your specials.

...Signs are a valuable marketing tool for a successful food truck owner.

How will your food truck make history?

Students were challenged to design an original 3D food truck paper sculpture. This project started with a sketch, students drew food truck ideas and experimented with color schemes and graphic designs. Students transformed their drawing ideas into sculptures and added additional sculptural elements like awnings, signs, and stand alone menus. Students designed food trucks that look so fantastically deluxe that they grab the attention of those walking by.

My students; Elementary to Middle School, loved making Deluxe Food Truck Sculptures. This was the last art lesson of the 2022-2023 school year. I am sure your students will love this sculptural art project too!

Before we began this art lesson we discussed the history of food trucks...


Food Truck History


Grade 3 student contemplates his food truck design.


A few books about food trucks that I recommend...

Food Trucks!

by Mark Todd(Author)

This book has fantastic food truck illustrations. Students were excited about the illustrations this book helped to inspire design ideas.


Food Truck Fest

by Alexandra Penfold(Author), Mike Dutton(Illustrator)

This book tells tells a fun story about visiting a food truck festival. My students enjoyed the story.

Before we began the art lesson we watched this music video about food trucks...


Deluxe Food Truck Sculptures, The Art Lesson


To design a food truck that looks so fantastically deluxe that it grabs the attention of those walking by.

Your food truck must include a name.

What kind of food is your food truck selling?


*You can print the food truck pattern on copy paper but the food truck sculpture is much stronger when printed on card stock!

I recommend printing the food truck pattern on card stock.

Art Supplies:

Food truck pattern, PDF

Idea template, PDF

Card stock




Ultra fine point Sharpie

Markers, colored pencils, and/or crayons

*This art lesson will take about three 45 minute art classes to complete


Sketch Your Ideas...

Sketch Your Food Truck Design
Download PDF • 726KB

Use the above, "Sketch your food truck design, PDF" to plan your food truck sculpture. Students drew ideas of what their food truck sculptures will look like. Ideas included signs on the roof, stand alone signs, the truck name, logo, menu.

I tell my students, "Your food truck must be selling something great... Look at all the people lined up to buy the food!" 😂

Sketch out your ideas before you build a 3D food truck sculpture.

We read a few books about food trucks, watched a music video about food trucks, and then sketched food truck ideas.

Ideas for food truck sculptures... I decided to build The Cheesiest Mac & Cheese Food Truck

The Creative Process...

Once you have sketched out your idea you are ready to draw it on the food truck template. Design And Build A Food Truck Pattern, PDF available to download.

*I recommend printing the food truck pattern on card stock.

The Food Truck Template

Design And Build A Food Truck Pattern
Download PDF • 963KB


NEW...Additional ready to go signs for your food trucks. This download also has equipment for the top of your food truck...Exhaust fan, ac vents, solar panels...

----Just color, cut out, and tape on!----

Food Truck Signs and Equipment

Food Truck SIGNS
Download PDF • 340KB

Don't forget to add necessary equipment to the roof of your food truck.

Solar panels, exhaust fan, and an air conditioner...

These sculptural elements add a realistic industrial aesthetic to the roof of the sculpture!

Three More Pages of Food Truck Ideas ---BIG Signs for the top of your food truck!

Food Truck IDEAS Signs to cut and color
Download PDF • 1.37MB

Big signs on the top of a food truck help to attract attention to your food truck.

Yes, the Sushi Master sign is available to download and color in this PDF!

There are nine BIG signs you can color and add to the top of your food truck

OR draw and design your own signs.


Now back to the art lesson...

Drawing the order window in 3-D

We started by drawing the order window.

The order window can be drawn in any shape desired. If your food truck is selling pizza slices why not draw an order window in the shape of a triangle like a pizza slice?

I demonstrated on the board how to draw a 3D order window.

Start by drawing a rectangle. Add diagonal lines in the two bottom corners. Draw a smaller rectangle inside of the larger rectangle. The order window was easier to visualize once I drew something on the ledge of the window....Students said, "Oh I see it now!"

Deluxe Food Truck Sculpture Art Lesson...

It may be difficult for younger students to visualize how the pattern looks completed... I show students what the food truck pattern looked like when it was colored in and before it was cut out and built.

This is how my Cheesiest Macaroni and Cheese Truck looked after I finished drawing and coloring it.

Cheesiest Mac & Cheese Truck before I cut it out and built it!

This is only the truck that you are looking at. Additional elements were drawn on a separate sheet of card stock, cut out, folded, and attached to the food truck.

I decided not to use everything on this handout. I wanted my truck to have an awning but I wanted it to be smaller so I have shortened the awning by not coloring in the entire pattern. I also decided to make my own sign. Notice that I included a tab below the sign so that I could attach it to the top of the truck more easily.

After everything is cut out and folded it's time to build the food truck.

The finished Cheesiest Mac & Cheese Food Truck Sculpture


The Deluxe Food Truck Art Lesson on video...


Assembling The Food Truck


New Templates...

Do you like to color?

These two food trucks are designed and ready to color.

Just print, color, and build a food truck!

The Tasty Tacos Food Truck and/or The Sushi Master Food Truck

Tasty Taco Food Truck Color and Build
Download PDF • 798KB

Sushi Master Food Truck Color and Build
Download PDF • 778KB


Do you want to build a food truck that is already designed and colored?

Maybe you need a class demo but don't have time to make one, I got you ; )

The Sushi Master Food Truck is ready to build. Just print, cut out, and build. This template also includes an awning, signs, stand alone sign with menu, and equipment for the roof of the food truck. Perfect if you don't feel like designing or coloring, it's ready to build!

Sushi Master Food with signs and accessories Truck. READY TO BUILD
Download PDF • 898KB

The Sushi Master Food Truck Gallery

The Tasty Taco Food Truck is also ready to build. Just print, cut out, and build. This template also includes an awning, signs, stand alone sign with specials, and equipment for the roof of the food truck. Perfect if you don't feel like designing or coloring, it's ready to build!

Tasty Taco Food Truck with signs and accessories READY TO BUILD
Download PDF • 934KB

The Tasty Taco Food Truck Gallery


Deluxe Food Truck 3D Sculptures

Student Gallery

Pawfee Mobile designed by middle school student. This food truck serves coffee and pastries and features a window where you can watch cats play!

There are also tables and chairs so that customers can sit and enjoy their Pawfee Coffee and pastries.

Foreign Falafel Truck designed by Grade 3 student

Ice Cream Truck by grade 3 student

Grade 3 creating Deluxe Food Trucks

More Grade 3 food truck sculptures...


More Middle School Deluxe Food Truck Sculptures...

Paranoid Pizza Food Truck, sketch and finished sculpture.

The Paranoid Pizza Food Truck sculpture features parking tickets on the windshield.

Food truck parking tickets can be the bane of a vendors existence due to the fact that if they want to fight them, it requires that they take time out of the truck to fight them.

Here are seven places you should never park your food truck:

  1. Don’t park in “no parking” zones. Pay attention to the posted signs and obey the parking restrictions in regards to stopping, loading and parking.

  2. Don’t park in a food truck park if you haven’t paid to lease the spot. This is a quick way to get a fine and earn the anger of other food truck owners.

  3. Your food truck service window shouldn’t be facing the street, and you should always park your truck facing the sidewalk side. Not only are you likely to break the law, but you want to keep your customers safe by offering your food facing the sidewalk side of the street.

  4. Check your city’s laws for restrictions, but you should never park your food truck outside a brick-and-mortar restaurant. Why? You might be breaking the law, and it’s not using the best judgement. Many cities require you to park a specific distance away from a restaurant (500-600 feet is normal).

  5. Never park your food truck on private property without the owner’s permission.

  6. You also want to check your city’s metered parking rules. Some cities prohibit food trucks from parking in metered spaces, while others allow it with some restrictions.

  7. Finally, you should never park your food truck near a fire hydrant, bus stop or cross-walk.

This food truck has too many parking tickets!


more middle school food trucks...

More food truck sculptures by elementary students...

The Kosher Snow Cone Food Truck by Micah, Grade 4

The Super Salad Food Truck.


This art lesson was also taught on line. Students (ages, 6-11) had great success building food trucks! Students were given food truck templates and we designed and built our food truck sculptures together on Zoom.


A Deluxe Food Truck Festival

---Sculptural Installation Idea---

Design and build more than one food truck sculpture to create a food truck festival!

Display all of the food truck sculptures on a large table at this year's art show to create a food truck festival. These deluxe food truck sculptures are too fun to build...

I built six and I still feel like building more!


This Deluxe Food Truck Art Lesson has been tested at the Elementary and Middle School levels.

ALL of my students -loved- designing and creating these paper sculptures!!!

...I am sure your students will too!

I can't wait to see The Deluxe Food Truck Sculptures that your students create!

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