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Clementine Hunter's Zinnias

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Clementine Hunter was born in December of 1886 or January 1887. She is one of Louisiana’s most famous artists and one of America’s great Folk Artists. Hunter worked as a farm laborer as a young girl and didn’t start painting until she was in her fifties. Like many folk artists, Hunter painted from memory. She painted on everything she could find, from jugs and bottles. Hunter painted scenes from the farm and she painted zinnias. It is said that the first thing Clementine ever painted was zinnias in a copper pot! Clementine Hunter was the first African-American woman artist to have a solo art exhibition at The New Orleans Museum of Art. Sadly, Clementine was unable to view the exhibit along with other art patrons and instead, had to enter the museum after hours.

Today we honor the memory of American artist, Clementine Hunter by painting her favorite thing to paint... zinnias!

Students drew zinnias using oil pastels and used watercolor paint to add colors to their flowers.

Today you will learn about artist Clementine Hunter. We will paint her favorite flowers, Zinnias!

This was a remote art lesson from last school year. This is me in my virtual classroom.

I taught this art lesson to Kindergarten - Grade 2 students.

About Clementine Hunter

The book, Art From Her Heart, by Kathy Whitehead is a story about American folk artist, Clementine Hunter.

Hunter (1887-1988) is a self-taught artist who captured scenes of American farm life. Like many great folk artists hunter used whatever art supplies were available to her and was inspired by the color and joy of everyday life.

We started this art lesson with a read aloud of "Art From Her Heart"


This art lesson uses limited art supplies!

Art Supplies Needed:

Mixed media paper, 9x12 (OR watercolor paper)

Oil pastels (crayons will work too)

Watercolor paint


Art Lesson is available on video.

Get your art supplies ready and follow along. You can pause the video anytime and press play when you are ready to move on! Today we will create Zinnias in the style of Clementine Hunter.

Zinnias painted by Clementine Hunter



A step-by-step drawing guide

What color are your Zinnias?

Zinnias come in exciting color varieties so have fun selecting your zinnia colors!

Add short lines inside of each flower shape. These short lines will add texture to the flowers!

Use oil pastels or crayons to add color and visual texture to your drawing

*I'm not coloring in the flowers ...just adding a few lines for texture!

Watercolor Paint

Paint the flowers, buds, and vase first!

Now paint the background, the space around your flowers.

Finished paintings of Zinnias by Ms. Gould

Zinnias by Clementine Hunter

More Zinnias by Clementine Hunter...


Student Artwork

(Grade 2)

Zinnias by Kiyo

Zinnias by Baruch

Zinnias by Jahna

Zinnias by Glori

Zinnias by Matthew

Zinnias by Ari

Zinnias by Nathaniel

Zinnias by Jonas


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