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Catherine Rayner Rabbit

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Today we will draw a rabbit in the style of Catherine Rayner.

This was a popular art lesson from last year when I was teaching art virtually.


About Catherine Rayner

Multi-award-winning author and illustrator Catherine Rayner has written over 20 books for children and illustrated many more for other well-known authors. Catherine Rayner is originally from Yorkshire, Catherine studied Illustration at Edinburgh College of Art. Her second book, Harris Finds His Feet, won the 2009 CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal, and Catherine has now been shortlisted six times for this prestigious award. Catherine also exhibits her original artwork worldwide, has her own illustrated card range, and often works on other exciting and unusual collaborations. In 2021 Catherine launched her own babywear label. She loves meeting little readers and can regularly be found visiting libraries, schools and book festivals to talk about children’s literature, and to encourage and inspire children to draw, read and write.

Visit Catherine Rayner's website to discover her books, original artwork, greeting cards, and baby clothes.


This is a picture of my virtual classroom on The Seesaw platform.

Today we will draw a rabbit in the style of Catherine Rayner, contemporary artist and illustrator.

This lesson started with a read along, Harris finds his feet. Catherine Rayner illustrated this book and students loved her illustrations!

(A link to the book with no adds.)

Harris Finds His Feet on YouTube read by Dan Poff


This art lesson uses limited art supplies!

Art Supplies Needed:

Mixed media paper, 9x12 (OR watercolor paper)


Watercolor paint



This art lesson is available on video

Get your art supplies ready and follow along. You can pause the video anytime and press play when you are ready to move on! Today we will draw a rabbit in the style of Catherine Rayner!


Drawing The Rabbit

*Remember to fold your paper in half. This allows plenty of space for tall bunny ears!

A PDF of How To Draw A Catherine Rayner Rabbit is available for download...

Catherine Rayner Rabbit How To Draw
Download PDF • 1.40MB


Painting The Rabbit

After you draw the rabbit you are ready to paint. Watercolor paints work well for this art project! The colors blend beautifully. Use neutral colors to paint your rabbit.

Painting The Background

Add a splash of color around your rabbit. The neutral colors of the rabbit will stand out against a colorful background. Flowers add a nice splash of color to the background!

Teacher Examples


Student Artwork

Lauren, Grade 1

Chase, Grade 3

After looking at variety of Catherine Rayner rabbit illustrations. This student wanted to draw the entire body of the rabbit in profile. Look at the expression he captured!

Nick, Grade 3

I love the teeth on this rabbit!

Violet, Grade 3.

Adayah, Kindergarten

In Adayah's picture you can see that her paper was folded in half to measure room for the rabbit's ears. The first instruction was to fold the paper in half. The top half of the paper was reserved for the rabbit's ears so that they would look very tall.

Camila, Kindergarten

Owen, Grade 3

Amena, Grade 3


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