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Augmented Reality Waterfall Landscapes

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

The Artivive App brings artwork to life! #bringArtToLife

Waterfall Landscapes by Grade 2

Can’t you just hear the rushing water and feel the spray in this waterfall landscape art project? YES, you can!

These waterfall Landscapes are interactive...they really jump right off the paper!

1. Install the Artivive App

2. Hold your smartphone in front of the artwork

3. Watch the artwork come to life.

Students watch their artwork come to life!

This is how the Artivive App works...

These Waterfall Landscape paintings were Inspired by Canadian artist James Edward Hervey MacDonald. Grade 2 Students drew a tiered waterfall, then created the look of rushing water by adding oil pastel lines and using brushstrokes to add movement. To finish it off students added a few splatters of white paint for water spray!

AND then I thought...what if these waterfalls could really move? I used the Artivive app to inspire the next generation of artists and creators, I wanted to show my students that when a painting is finished...maybe it's not really finished?...maybe it's the beginning of something bigger?

When students are exposed to the possibilities beyond a finished painting their imaginations take flight. I created a Grade 2 art exhibit of Augmented Reality Waterfall Landscapes using Artivive AR technology.

Students were Amazed to see their artworks jumping off the wall...This was our first interactive school exhibit... Art & Technology is the future!

Experience Augmented Reality

Look what happens to these waterfall Landscape paintings when you view them using the Artivive app on your smartphone or tablet...

These waterfall Landscapes are filled with surprises...

the ARTIVIVE app brings artwork to life!

This video shows student artwork with the animated artwork.

The Pixaloop App was used to create a six second animation of each waterfall landscape. Student artwork and animations were uploaded onto Artivive

About the art project... James Edward Hervey MacDonald, (1873-1932) was born in England and immigrated to Ontario, Canada at a young age. MacDonald began studying art at the age of fourteen, going on to work as a commercial designer. Eventually he left his position as a designer to further his skills as a landscape painter. MacDonald was one of the founding members of the Group of Seven, a group of artists that created artwork based on the Canadian landscape. The Group of Seven is considered to be responsible for the first major Canadian movement of art.

Waterfall Landscape Art Lesson available at Deep Space Sparkle

J. E. H. MacDonald, Algoma Waterfall 1920

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