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Andy Goldsworthy

Art Inspired by nature.

"We often forget that WE ARE NATURE. Nature is not something separate from us. So when we say that we have lost our connection to nature, we've lost our connection to ourselves."

--Andy Goldsworthy

This remote learning art lesson was inspired by environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy.

Andy Goldsworthy is a British artist known for his site-specific installations involving natural materials and the passage of time. Working as both sculptor and photographer, Goldsworthy crafts his installations out of rocks, ice, leaves, or branches, cognizant that the landscape will change, then carefully documents the process.

This art lesson was one of many that was taught online, via Zoom, during the pandemic. We were not able to meet in person but art classes continued virtually. This art lesson is from early Spring of 2020. The art lesson was posted on the SeaSaw platform where students could access the materials including handouts and links after we met up via Zoom. During the pandemic I found that open ended art assignments worked very well especially because students were using whatever art supplies they had access to. This project worked especially well because we were creating with found objects of nature which everyone had access to. Students selected creative options based on available materials and/or what inspired them...Today's theme was creating art from nature! Finished art installations were photographed and turned in through SeaSaw or posted directly onto Artsonia. An art gallery for every art assignment was created on Artsonia, "The worlds largest collection of student art portfolios." I highly recommend using Artsonia. Creating online galleries and portfolios of students artwork brings family and community together! I often find that students will put more effort into an art project when they know it will be part of an online school gallery where their entire family can view it and leave comments for the artist.

Without further ado, I present Andy Goldsworthy, Art Inspired by Nature


Art Installations by Andy Goldsworthy

Explore more of Andy Goldsworty art

This is the Official Trailer for Leaning Into The Wind, a documentary about Andy Goldsworthy

A great introduction to Andy Goldsworthy.

Land Art also known as Environmental Art is easy and fun to make and can be done by anyone. Basically, it involves making sculptures and art from things you find in nature, such as pebbles, rocks, twigs, sand, pine cones, shells, seeds, flowers, and leaves. These things can be made into mandalas, spirals, shapes, animals, or patterns… the possibilities are endless.

Learn about nature, explore it’s wonders, and develop a deeper understanding of the interconnection of creation and your place within it.

Get outside and get away from technology for awhile.

Exercise your creativity and imagination

You will need

  • Your imagination

  • A camera

  • A place to explore… the backyard is perfect!


  1. Explore your location. Take a good look at the different shapes colors and textures you see.

  2. Collect materials to create your art. Materials may include pebbles, small rocks, sticks, pine cones, acorns, dandelions, buttercups, leaves, and anything else you come across.

  3. Find an interesting place to make your art

  4. Look at the materials you have collected and let your imagination run free. Remember there are no rules in land art

  5. Create some art

  6. Document your art. Use a camera to take pictures because your installation is temporary. Documentation is an important part of this art making process. Photographs are your art and proof that your installation existed.

This video shows the process of collecting and creating with nature

How to create art using nature by Eva age 7


Student Gallery

Students created sculptures from things they found in nature, such as pebbles, rocks, twigs, sand, pine cones, shells, seeds, flowers, and leaves...

Gus, grade 1

C. grade 2

Pete, Grade 3

Yocheved, Grade 4

Isaac, Grade 3

Lauren, Kindergarten

Ava, Grade 3

Journey, Grade 1

Aviva, Grade 9

Shoshana, Grade 8

Shira, Grade 8

Teacher examples

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