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3D Paper Sculptures. Surfers Catching Waves OR Dolphins Jumping Waves.

Even if you can't make it to the beach this summer you can feel beachy vibes by creating these 3D Paper Sculptures of surfers Catching Waves OR Dolphins Jumping Waves.

It's not even necessary to work in the beach theme to make a 3D paper sculpture. Create a 3D paper sculpture of your choice by using the techniques explained in this art lesson.

Even though this art lesson uses limited basic art supplies...there is nothing basic about this 3D paper sculpture art lesson!

Even though the art supplies are limited there are no limitations on your creativity...This art lesson is super fun!


Art Supplies needed for 3D Paper Sculptures of Surfers Catching Waves OR Dolphins Jumping Waves...

*Card Stock Paper, I'm using 8.5"x11"


Black Ultra Fine Sharpie and Fine Point Sharpie



Markers and/or Crayons

*If you don't have card stock paper you can use copy paper. I built a few sculptures using copy paper and it works! I recommend card stock paper because it's stronger and when you are building off of the paper it's helpful to use a stronger paper that can support more weight. If you don't have card stock you can try using construction's a bit stronger than copy paper!

Art Lesson on Video

Let's Build A Paper 3D Sculpture!

2. Draw on each section of the folded paper. Do NOT draw too many details in section 2! Details will later be drawn on the backside of section 2. Section 1 will be the tallest section so that you can still see it when the sculpture is standing. The top of the wave in section 2 should NOT be as tall as section 1. Section 3 is the Foreground and notice that section 3 is very small. Section 3 is a drawing of the sand on the beach. I drew a crab and a few sea shells. Section 3 is necessary to help the sculpture stand. You cannot draw anything too large on section 3 because it would block the other two sections of the sculpture.

I created templates because I will be teaching this art lesson -virtually- with a large group of elementary students (ages 6-12) Since there is a large age range, skill levels are all over the place, and we have one hour to complete this art lesson. Templates will ensure that my students have success with this art lesson!

Download your copy of Surfer Templates.

Surfer Templates
Download PDF • 41KB

3D Paper Surfer Sculptures


Download your copy of Dolphin Templates

Dolphin Templates
Download PDF • 37KB

I look forward to seeing the 3D Paper Sculptures of Surfers OR Dolphins that your students create!


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