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One year of Elementary Art (2018 - 2019)

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Last school year, every week, I took pictures of "What we are doing in Art class this week." These pictures show my art lessons for the 2018-2019 school year, Kindergarten through 5th grade.

In the front of my classroom is an old black board that is blocked by some flat file storage cabinets and other classroom furniture. To the left of the blackboard is a new white board and a screen for a projector. I thought, "What am I going to do with this old blackboard? It's not even accessible? " I love old blackboards, but this blackboard with nothing on it was a bit of an eye sore... So, I climbed up onto the furniture in front of the blackboard and started hanging my lessons for the week, That was two years ago! I have been displaying my art lessons on that blackboard every week since then, and my students love it! They love seeing what other classes are working on, and they look forward to creating those projects one day. It turns out my administrators love it too because when they give tours of our school, that's the first thing they notice in the art room.

Art classes are one hour, so that is why I often prep more than one art project at the same time. Sometimes we have time to start the next art project, or we have to stop working on one project because the paint needs to dry. I see my students once a week, so I like to use our hour making as much art as possible. On average students in each grade complete twenty works of art in one school year. We are a very productive art room!

A year of elementary art lessons in pictures!

Art lessons first week of school. (September 3-14)

(September 17-28)

(October 1-12)

(October 15- 26)

(October 29- November 9)

(November 12- 23)

(December 3- 7)

(December 10- 14)

(December 17- January 11)

(January 14- 25)

(slide show)

(January 28- February 8)

(February 11- 15)

(February 18- March 1)

(slide show)

(March 18- 29)

(slide show)

(April 1- 12)

(slide show)

(April 15- 19)

(slide show)

(April 1- 12)

(slide show)

(April 15- 26 )

(slide show)

(April 29- May 10)

(slide show)

(May 13- 24)

Week 21 (slide show)

Last week of school, (June 3- 7)

Last art projects of the school year (slide show)

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